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offered for trade - flower seeds - lots of types

12 years ago

the seeds listed are not saved by me, they are purchased from a seed company. They are a few years old, but last time I germinated some they sprouted no problem.

I would like to get some cotton seeds. I posted a want ad for them on 6/21/11 if you want to read it.

let me know and thanks for looking

Type Variety Color

Gazania Daybreak Bright Orange

Gazania Daybreak Bright Yellow

Gazania Daybreak Pink Shades

Ageratum Hawaii Blue

Celosia Castle Mix

Celosia Castle Pink

Celosia New Look

Marigold Safari Yellow

Snapdragon Montego Pink

Snapdragon Montego Purple

Snapdragon Montego Red

Snapdragon Montego Scarlet

Snapdragon Montego Yellow

Snapdragon Rocket Golden

Snapdragon Rocket Mix

Snapdragon Rocket Pink

Snapdragon Rocket Red

Snapdragon Rocket White

Snapdragon Show Bicolor Mix

Snapdragon Show Crimson

Snapdragon Show Mix

Snapdragon Show Rose Pink

Snapdragon Show Scarlet

Snapdragon Show White

Snapdragon Show Wine Bicolor

Snapdragon Show Yellow

Snapdragon Chimes Mix

Snapdragon Chimes Red

Snapdragon Chimes White

Petunia Sonata Mix

Pansy Delta Citrus Mix

Pansy Delta Pure Golden Yellow

Pansy Delta Spirit Mix

Pansy Contessa Mix

Pansy Ultima Baron Purple

Pansy Dynamite Beacon Blue

Coleus Carefree Mix

Viola Sorbet Coconut Duet

Viola Sorbet Duet Mix

Viola Sorbet Orange Duet

Viola Sorbet Purple Babyface

Viola Sorbet Ruby & Gold Babyface

Nicotiana Saratoga Deep Rose

Nicotiana Saratoga Lime

Nicotiana Saratoga Red

Nicotiana Saratoga White

Nicotiana Avalon Apple Blossom

Impatiens Accent Lilac

Impatiens Accent Pastel Mix

Impatiens Accent Peppermint Mix

Impatiens Accent Rose

Impatiens Accent Sunrise Mix

Impatiens Accent Violet

Impatiens Accent White

Impatiens Xtreme Red

Impatiens Xtreme Scarlet

Impatiens Xtreme Violet

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