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Compile list of no spray/low care fruit trees for Mid-Atlantic?

9 years ago

I keep being wishy washy over which fruit trees are the most pest/disease free here in Maryland and can't commit to just trying one.

I was thinking if we get a solid list of things that are healthy and little care, that would be really nice as it would be a good resource to help people who get confused by conflicting literature.

I know most stone-fruit and apples, pears and others are abysmal here and require spraying more or less, though peaches seem better than apples. We used to have old apple trees on our property while I was growing up but they've all dead by now. Apples while great seem to require a lot of care and our old ones were killed by cedar apple rust (we have virginia cedars on our property) and fireblight.

So far I have been told (and can vouch) that:


are easy and carefree (and ornamental to boot)

I have two fig trees, one about 5 years the other 2, have yet to get any fruit yet but they're growing nicely, bigger each year. I have yet to get a kaki tree, but I'd like a few. Any good 8-10 footer varieties that produce well especially for drying and are ornamental? Ichi Ki Kei Jiro seems to be the standard right? I may seek those out in the future. Dried persimmons seem to be up my alley.

Is there any other trees that are more fruitful and easy? I have heard about jujube, cornelian cherry and Goumi all I think being grown here rather happily and easily. Would you recommend them? I've never eaten any of the above, though I've heard jujube are somewhere in between an apple and date in terms of texture and taste. Is that right?

I have heard such conflicting things about asian pears, are they relatively easy or do they suffer the same ailments and need for care as apples and european pears?

I'd love to hear about what grows well for everyone. Also full tree pictures would be great, a big sin I find is that so many people take pictures of the fruit, I have no idea what the trees look like.


- Max

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