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Do you mulch your veggie garden?

13 years ago

If so, do you mulch every single plant, every square foot, or do you just do certain plants, or just the plants and not between them? Do you mulch squash and melons & if so, what do you do about the bugs that like hiding places on the ground? In the fall, do you rake the mulch off, or do you just till it all in and start over again in the spring?

Can you tell I'm new to mulching the garden? ;)

I can tell it's making a big difference in keeping the moisture level consistent. So far, I haven't put the mulch under the squash, and I put a layer of cardboard under the mulch even though I didn't have a big weed problem. I didn't put the mulch from fence to fence, but almost. I left a 2 foot open space around the outside so we could till from time to time and keep bermuda from invading.

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