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What apricot & peach trees for southeast Missouri?

13 years ago

Hello, I've recently relocated to Stoddard County in SE Missouri, zone 6b or 7a, depending on who you believe. I successfully grew organic peaches and apricots in Denver, CO, a crop every year despite the late-Spring blizzards.

But now, upon returning to my childhood home, I'm stumped on the apricots, both what varieties to get and good mail-order sources for them.

I want to grow apricots for preserves, freezing, and eating fresh at home, so taste is paramount. (I really miss the scrumptious apricot sorbet I made in Denver.) I may sell any extras at a farmer's market. I'd like to try one tree of three or four varieties.

My soil is clay, acid. I will work to adjust the pH, drainage and texture. Any suggestions and experiences of others would be appreciated.

PEACHES...this is a commercial peach-growing area so I suspect the challenge will be growing them organically. I've yet to meet anyone who grows their own, but someone out there has to be doing it.

Again, I want to start with one tree of three or four varieties. I'd love to hear others' experiences and suggestions for types and good mail-order sources. I grew Redhaven and Halehavens in Denver, both excellent and Halehaven was outstanding. None of the commercial orchards here grow it. Is there a reason?

The three best-tasting commercial peaches I've had here are Loring, Jersey Queen and Cresthaven. All three were excellent from one orchard that picks them ripe (but they are not grown organically.)

Thank you.

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