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Lets talk small fruits (berries)

16 years ago

I should have done this years ago, but I am finally puting in a full compliment of berries. We have strawberries, one gooseberry (from my grandmother's garden), and one struggling Heritage raspberry. It's not enough. I have _Fruits and Berries for the Home Garden_ by Lewis Hill, and for a family of 4, with some fruit for freezing, he suggests

8 blackberry bushes

4 blueberry

4 currant

4 elderberry

4 gooseberry

10 black or purple raspberries

40 red raspberries

10 yellow raspberries

25-50 strawberries

We are a family of three, but my kids love just about any fruit, so we go through buckets.

I live in the southern Rockies, so the blueberries would be impractical (neutral mountain soil, definitely not acid). I may try serviceberries, my grandmother picked those from favorite patches in Colorado for years. I've only ever tasted the insipid local wild currants, but I'm willing to try some domestic red currants. I know elderberries grow around here, but I've never tasted any. And, of course, I think the estimate for strawberries is extremely low.

What do you think of the list?

I have two badly overgrown apple trees that I am working on (an old Delicious and a nameless seedling that is actually very good), and an apricot that we get fruit from about every third year. Now I need to fill out the harvest season.


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