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Sources and experience with recommended apricots

12 years ago

Some of the posts on this forum have convinced me to try a Robada apricot. Great selling job and I'm salivating to eat some! A lot of googling hasn't produced a mailorder source for Robada. I'd also be willing to travel to a nursery or wherever if anyone out there is grafting Robada or other highly recommended apricots.

When I lived in Colorado, I grew Tilton and Montrose. Montrose was outstanding and Tilton okay. I found a mailorder source for Montrose. Where I now live in southeast Missouri, Stoddard County, about 60 miles west of Cape Girardeay, is challenging for any apricot. Has anyone had experience growing Montrose in hot, humid zone 6B or nearby at under 500 foot elevation?

Thank you for ideas and suggestions. I'm determined to have home-grown apricots in my life again. (To this area's credit, the local peaches are superb.)

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