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Ridiculously late garlic planting

9 years ago

So i've picked up some garlic cheap from the garden centre. Having searched google, I can see that it should have been planted months ago; however, what will happen if I plant it now? We still have the best growing months ahead of us; my guess is that it will grow but I will end up with small bulbs in the autumn.

Does anyone have any experience of growing garlic this late? Will it be usable? If not, can I plant it, lift it in the autumn, dry it out, and plant it again in january for a crop next year? Another thought, might it even survive the winter in the ground if planted now, for a crop next year?

Any advice would be appreciated although i suspect "keep it and plant it in january" is unlikely to happen, i'm too impatient... Although, i do have 2 bulbs so I might keep one back and experiment with the other.

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