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JAKE my Muscovy dy=uck can't breathe! Please help!

17 years ago

Hey, I sent this already, but it isn't showing up.

I went to feed the ducks about 30 min. ago, and Jake my Muscovy duck started eating with the cats like she always does. She loves catfood!

Well, she went to get a drink of water, and all of a sudden she started gasping for air and laid down. I got her and brought her inside. She is still gasping for air!

A friend of my mom's suggested us giving her some hydrogen peroxide. She said people give that to dogs when they are choking and need to throw up. Would that be ok for Jake? I was afraid it might hurt her, so I didn't want to try anything without knowing for sure if it's safe.

PLEASE answer asap! I'm very worried.


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