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predator proof chicken coop...

16 years ago

I currently have a chicken coop, but no chickens due to predators. Our best guess right now is a bob cat. Whatever it is can scale an 8 foot fence, shred the aviary netting, catch a chicken (day or night), and scale the fence with the chicken. I have set several spring and live traps and have only caught tufts of fur in the spring trap. So I am thinking about building an A-frame coop so that hopefully it will be predator proof...since there will be no "top" to get in. Currently the house itself has had no problems other than a few snakes that can't get out after eating eggs.

Do you think an A frame would be sufficient? I am planning on a 12 foot across, 6 foot high (in the center, and 24 feet deep.

We have to worry about coyotes, coons, snakes, and apparently bobcats.

Looking forward to your ideas!! Thanks for your time and help!

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