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Want: Edible flowers, asian vegetables & unusual edibles

14 years ago

Hi there!

I would like to get some edible flower seeds, as well as some asian veggies & exotic pepper seeds & other unusual edibles (preferably easier to grow stuff, since i'm sorta new to gardening).. by "exotic", i mean stuff that's unusual (ie:

I don't have a list up on my profile or anything, so here's what I have to trade (sorry for the disorganization):

cilantro/coriander - coriandrum sativum

oriental eggplant (cute little purple ones:

double feature hybrid cucumbers (from burpee), they're square-shaped & are good for both pickling & slicing.

marigold - double flowered french

" " - safari mix

" " - giant boarder mix

" " - chameleon

spaghetti squash

broad leaf sage

swiss giant pansy

fancy free altari radishes (ponytail radish)

korean ponytail radish :

lady lavender

true lavender

florida broad leaf mustard

rainbow swiss chard

bouquet dill

mammoth dill

lime basil

lemon basil

lettuce leaf basil


mammoth russian sunflower


common thyme


oregano/wild marjoram

italian parsley (flat leaf kind)

garlic chives

chives - allium schoenoprasum

acorn squash (bush acorn)

korean summer squash (sorta like zucchini)

korean summer radish (korean radishes:

mizuna (brassica japonica):

mitsuba (aka japanese parsley) :

japanese pumpkin/squash

azuki beans

watermelon: hybrid red doll & hybrid yellow doll

peppers (hot):

korean green peppers

hybrid kimchi peppers

peppers (sweet):

red & green bell peppers

i don't have many seeds of some of these, but will be happy to trade what i do have! :D

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