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bark eaten of young trees

12 years ago

I got some fruit trees right before thanksgiving. They are apple and peach trees, I have not put them in the ground yet. My goats got out about a week ago and I didn't bother with putting them back in there area. I put the trees in the chicken pen, I'm letting them free range,where I thought the would be ok. I was outside a little bit ago and the goats have pushed the chicken wire down and ate the bark and ends of the branchs off. They have plenty of hay, feed and all kinds of other stuff to eat but they went for the trees in the pen. 300+ acres to roam and brouse and they do this (They also got my small fig trees I had in there but they are tiny and the just ate the tops off, im sure they will be ok)

My question is will the peach and apple trees recover from having there bark eaten off? There about 6-7 feet tall

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