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WANTED: Heirloom Kale Seeds for my heirloom vegetable seeds

I want the following heirloom kale seeds:
Dinosaur kale or Nero di Toscana kale.
Blue Curled Scotch Dwarf
Red Russian
Siberian Dwarf Kale
*Leafy Greens:
Amish Deer Tongue Lettuce
Yugoslavian Red Lettuce
Green Oakleaf Lettuce
Rougue de Hiver Lettuce
Ruby Red Lettuce
Mesculin Spicy Salad Mix

I have some heirloom beans from former Yugoslavia (2012, organic, my garden) some of them are pole and some bush. These have been grown for a long time in my family.

I have the following seeds as well:
*Tomato (all from my garden, organic, 2012)

Old German


GardenerâÂÂs Delight

EvaâÂÂs purple

Roma or Sun Maruzano (plum tomato)

Ugly tomato

Cherokee purple


Black from Tula

Warren's yellow cherry

White currant cherry


Blue Dent (2012, organic, my garden)

*Popcorn Strawberry (2012, organic, my garden)

Little Indian miniature (2012, organic, my garden)


Rosa Bianca (2010, organic, my garden)

Burpee's hybrid mix (2010, my garden)


Jack O' Lantern (2010, my garden)

Butternut squash (2010, my garden)


Sweet Yellow Bell Peppers (2010, organic, my garden)

Sweet Banana Peppers (2010, organic, my garden)

Sweet Bell Pepper (2012, organic, my garden)

Hot pepper mix (2011. Trade)

Piri-piri hot pepper (2010, organic, my garden) �"only 10 seeds

Hot Pepper Purira (2010, organic, my garden) �" only 10 seeds

Sweet Red Bell Pepper (2010, organic, my garden)

Please make sure that you have e-mail address set up so we can communicate.

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