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Correcting Growth of Young Apple Tree

14 years ago

Here is a tree put in the ground last year:

Notice that it leans a bit and is starting to grow crooked. Also, there are two strong growth branches, both growing forward of the tree then upward. I would like to correct the growth of this tree to get a nice central leader shape suitable and attractive for the front yard.

Part of my idea is to place a narrow pole near the central leader, and strap the central leader at various places to encourage straighter growth. Then anchor the pole to get it growing straight up. Sound good?

As for the branches, I am worried that the two strong branches are taking up too much of the growth, are too heavy to one side, and have too much an angle up into the future tree. Is it okay to cut off both during dormancy? Or is that being too agressive? How much can I take off and not harm the tree?

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