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Building small raised bed... Opinions? Advice?

Hey all, this is my first post on here. I have frequented the forums over the past few months but never started up an account and got down to business with gardening haha.

I recently bought my first house with a 1/4 acre fenced in rear yard. The yard is flat, level, great drainage, and covered in grass... seems like a great foundation to be able to do whatever I would like with it.

I recently got 3 tomato plants about 2-3' tall and as of now they are sitting in pots in my backyard. I built a small area (68'' x 28'') up with old brick. 3 Brick rows tall(10-12''), tapered a half inch inward as the bricks are stacked so the sides don't fall over. The bed is located SW about 10' away from the house against a chain link fence and gets plenty of sun especially from about 11am-sunset.

I plan on using some miracle grow vegetable mix that I have in the garage and some potting soil to fill the bed in. I have bamboo poles that I plan on using as supports to tie the plants to.

-Will 68''x 28'' be enough room for 3 tomato plants?

-Also do I need cages for them or will supporting them with the 6' poles I have be enough?

-How is the placement and design of the bed sound?

-What do I need to do to get the bed ready for the plants? Hand turn the soil where the bed is built, fill it, and plant?

Thanks for your time! I appreciate any input you have to give.

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