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My mom thought she was "helping"

10 years ago


My mom is visiting me and she thought she was "helping" when she "organized" and "cleaned" up my plant area. I had eggplants and tomatillos starting from seed and well labeled on their trays. Well, when i came home from work, she placed all the little seeds on one cleaned tray. DOH! Now I don't know which plant is which. I wanted to plant 3 tomatiillos in one 20 gallon container and then each eggplant in their own 10 gallon container...but now I'm in a pinch.

What's the best way to generally transfer these guys until I can figure out which is which? Or am I screwed and should I just plant them all in the 20 gallon container? I'm so lost and I don''t want to waste my seeds and plants (as they are starting to sprout)

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