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How much time do you spend weeding?

11 years ago

How much of your gardening time is spent weeding? I'd like to expand my veg garden next year, but have noticed that weeding is by far my most time-consuming chore.

The garden beds are 3-4 feet wide, with broad grass paths between and a hay field nearby. Mowing, which I do weekly with a manual reel mower, takes about an hour. But I notice that within a couple of weeks, weeds and grass encroach on the beds from both sides and windborne seeds take root among the plantings. Hoeing is often not enough to get underneath the roots, so there's a lot of hand work. (A spork is great for re-establishing the edges, but I still have to lift and smack the soil from the grass.)

I'm not crazy about landscape fabric or plastic, mulch attracts slugs, and I don't want to expand if I'll wind up with more work than I can handle.

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