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whoo- I LOVE rich people!

Ina Plassa_travis
19 years ago

I've been wanting to do some vertical elements in my garden- looked at chimney pipes, and cement footing tubes, and PVC...

and kept not doing anything because I'm three generations on the poor side of the family, and was hoping something would come up.

so I'm driving through one of the nicer townships, and what looked like a white kitchen trash can caught my eye.... turned around in the entrance to the fancy development (do not get the Mc Mansions- million dollar home on a half acre lot?) and came back...

nope, not a trash can. there, beside a full trash can and a stack of empty boxes are these four white tubes...3 feet tall, good foot across. some kind of heavy resin...

no idea what they were- but the dump did not get them. my station wagon ate them, and carried them off :)

:) patience really IS a virtue- they're bigger than anything I'd looked at, and you can't beat the price :)

gonna put trailing plants in one posthaste- then, I'm going to take my time and paint one, and the third I think I'm going to mosaic and make into a water tower...

:) I'm tempted to leave a thank you card in their mailbox, but I've noticed that people with gates that cost more than my house aren't often amused by me.

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