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ok since i have a detailed list decided to offer up sasbe.

13 years ago

Ok since my wants is such a detailed list and not many people have alot of what I want as extras and I still need to clean out my seed box and make room for the seeds I will be collecting this surmmer/fall.

So this is how this will go you take a look at my trade list and send me a list of 10 seeds that you would like and then I will pull out the seeds that you requested some have more than 1 trade other have less than a full trade. And some are older seeds. I will also be updating my list deleting the things as they run out and adding more as I sow them.

I will need you to send me a SASBE (self addresses stamped bubble envie). I figured it should cost no more than $1.22.

Newbies and old timers alike are welcome to post a list. Thanks and let me know what you are interested in.


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