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duck laying infertile eggs

17 years ago

Hi! We have a single, female mallard who keeps making nests & laying eggs! Being we are somewhat on the outskirts of the city (we have a pond/stream & lots of plants/bushes/trees) there are no possible male ducks around. Her first nest she had 17 eggs & we didn't know what to do, so we let her sit on them for a while before we finally felt sorry for her & removed them (about 1 month- and they sure were rotten!). She ended up making another nest of about 4 before we found those & removed them. Today we found another nest with 21 eggs!!!! What is best to do in this situation? Keep removing the eggs until breeding season is over? Or will egg producing never take a break? I hate to be traumatizing her by removing eggs & making her start over, but sitting on the nest with no success has to be pretty frustrating too. Any advice is appreciated!

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