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Stinging nettle wanted

11 years ago

I know I sound crazy to some people, but I want to grow some stinging nettles in my backyard. I don't see them growing wild in my neighborhood, and seeds I sowed several weeks ago do not seem to be germinating. If you have seeds to share, or better yet, if you have seedlings/plants to share in Central Kentucky, please email me.

I have the following seeds to trade:

-French marigold (mix of orange, red/orange, yellow flowers; seeds harvested from my backyard in 2011)

-Orange cosmos (seeds harvested from my backyard in 2011)

-Japanese "yomogi" mugwort (mix of 3 different varieties purchased from Kitazawa Seeds in 2011)

Germination rate for french marigold and orange cosmos seem to be pretty high; as for yomogi, I'm not sure yet.

Thank you!

P.S. Could anyone please tell me how to create "my trade list" on my profile? I've been looking for the instructions for hours but can't find them.

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