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Another Curb Appeal Project

15 years ago

My husband and I have sold our last "flip" house (it was a very slow flip) and are shopping for the next one. We are hoping to get this one:


As you can see it needs some curb appeal. This house isn't in as bad a shape as the last, so we hope to have it on the market in the spring. I am trying to figure out what I would do.

I have no idea what to do for plants. We have A LOT of deer up there, and they tend to eat everything I plant. And I won't have a lot of time to let things grow.

It is very unlikely that we will change the paint color because 1) I can't climb a ladder and 2) My husband does not paint, and 3) The current paint is not in bad shape. I am leaning towards changing the paint color on the shutters and front door.

This house is in a secluded area of a lake community in Central PA with a mix of full time residents and vacation homes.

Would love to get your opinions!


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