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Its about the journey more than the destination

For me, probably 90% of the joy in gardening is about the planning, planting, watching the plants grow, seeing the whole garden grow and change through the seasons, through the years. My knowledge grows along with the garden and my tastes have changed with the years. Each year my garden moves towards the vague ideal garden that lives in my head but each year something significant in the earthbound garden needs to be added, removed, moved, built, demolished etc. If this garden ever got to the point where there wasnt something that needed doing beyond routine maintenance, Id be bored silly with it! Id have to sell the property, buy a blank slate and start all over again.

Lurking and reading many of the posts here, I get the impression that the majority of people who post questions want their property to have a pleasing appearance but are not passionate about their garden to the same extent I am. I also get the impression that some of the usual suspects :-) who respond are more dispassionate than passionate about gardens and gardening. Perhaps thats a necessary attitude when youre in the business of designing for third parties. It makes me curious about whether your approach to the client differs (and, if so, how) when your client is a passionate gardener. Are crazy gardeners a significant part of your clientele and are they easier or more difficult to deal with than the average client? Im too involved in the pleasures of the journey to want to take many shortcuts to get to the destination. Other than to address very specific, technical construction issues, I cant imagine wanting someone to design part or all of my garden itd take all the fun out of it! Am I just an oddball?!

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