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What zone am I really in

9 years ago

First of all this is a great site and I'm so glad I found you all! I have two problems but will address each in separate posts.
I have live here in Oregon for over 22 years. This year I decided to get really serious about growing a vegetable garden. My main problem is what zone am I really in. I have gone to several gardening sites to find out but everyone of them tells me I'm in a different zone. It starts at 5 and has gone as high as 9b...Let me give you just a few examples: This site says I'm zone 8, the National Garden Association says zone 7b, Arbor Day Foundation zone 9 and Sunset says I'm zone 5. I live in Coos Bay Oregon, 97420 is my zip code. The reason I ask is Actually where I live at is called Charleston which is just off the coast of south/central Oregon. Please help! Can someone tell me exactly what my zone really is?

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