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Freezing excess eggs

17 years ago

Hey folks,

for some of you this may be old news. But for others it might be really good news. In the last six or eight months we learned to freeze excess eggs, which is a huge help, since our birds are almost all broody at times, and at other times they lay buckets of eggs.

Freezing eggs is really easy. We do six or seven together, breaking them into a bowl and beating them as if we were going to make scrambled eggs. Add a pinch of salt (which I'm not sure is really necessary) and pour them into a zip lock bag to place in the freezer.

I only partially open the zip lock bag as I pour the eggs into it. The weight of the eggs opens the bag only as much as needed, thus avoiding air pockets. Then, we lay the bagged eggs on a flat surface in our chest freezer. In a couple of hours they are solid and can be stacked very nicely. To use these eggs we simply place a bag into the fridge the night before. We can't tell that they aren't fresh.

It's so simple, I've wondered "Duh! why didn't we think of this before?!" Yet, I thought perhaps some others might not have thought of it. It really helps us make better use of our resources.


Tahlequah, OK

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