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what is the real test for when peppers are ready?

Just noticed several days that my peppers are getting fairly decent size. Plants are not real big though.

My Cubanellas(first time growing) look decent size.

Yellow peppers too( first time for them too.

Also planted Hungarian hot wax. Got carried away when bought all the 4 pack plants at good price at Meijers early.LOL Every one else wanted like 99 cents for only ONE plant. Duh

So is there a test??? Like when cut open and looking at the seed????

before just grew the green peppers and pimento and cayenne.

Im not new to gardening but veggies only here and there over the many years.

Most are in the front yard with chipped wood mulch over landcape fabric. since I had no access to a tiller just cut fabric and planted in the fabric.

Other areas using cardboard.

The other peppers in back yard(over spring cut down oak tree) are doing poor in some places. These are planted in between ,my spring planted blueberry plants.But little further away from the oak stump removed

other peppers are doing ho hum

Thank you all


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