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wilted/dying cucumber, Need help please

9 years ago

So I transplanted a baby cucumber plant purchased from a local nursery into my raised planter bed 3-4 weeks ago.


2 weeks after transplanting, everything was looking good. The weather was in the 80's. Cucumber leaves grew and looked healthy.


I had to go on a trip for 4 days. The weather was in the high 90's, but the plants had adequate water from automatic drip system. No sign of bugs, grubs or pests. There are 2 tomato plants in the raised planter box which are healthy and no sign of disease or pests.
So when I returned home, I see my poor cucumber leaves wilted, and dying. The smaller plant had wilted and dried leaves. The stalk still looks green on both. The bigger cucumber still has green leaves but the leaves look unhealthy. The soil is not dried out, so I don't think water is the issue. Was it too hot? Disease? Pests?



Please help. Is it too late to save my cucumbers, or is there hope? What can I do at this point?

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