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Laying duck(s)

14 years ago

I'm new to having ducks. My husband brought home 4 ducklings last spring (2 are runners, 2 were mallards). Both pairs were mating pairs. The one male mallard went missing (perhaps a preditor). The male and female runners and the female malard remain. We have a large man-made pond in our backyard. About 3 weeks ago I found a lone egg in the middle of the yard. My husband and I moved the "duck house" as we call it next to the pond. Ever since then 1 egg a day has been laid. We had to go out of town for a week and a half and when we got back I found 15-20 eggs in the house. I see all 3 ducks during the day so I know they are not laying on them yet. It has become hard to keep track of the number of eggs because the straw is always getting moved around and over the eggs. Is it normal to have a female lay this many eggs? Could both females be laying in the same nest? I'm not sure what to do....

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