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looking to trade for veggie seeds

12 years ago

I just recently came across this website and I have been reading for hours. There is so much helpful information on here it is unbelievable. I'm not sure if I am posting this in the right place or not but here goes.

I've been making my 2011 grow list and there are still a few things I would like.

I have quite a few flower seeds and some hot peppers I can trade.

Want list:

Chioggia Beets

Scarlet Runner Beans

Rattlesnake Pole Beans

Dragon Tongue Bush Beans

Red Striped Greasy Beans

Sugar Snap Peas

Red Marconi peppers(or any sweet red bell pepper)

Jalapeno peppers

Lemon Cucumbers

Sugar Pie Pumpkin

Ambrosia Melon

Hales Best Melon

Black Seeded Simpson Heirloom

Buttercrunch lettuce

Green Salad Bowl lettuce

Red Salad Bowl lettuce

Cosmic Purple Carrot



Have to trade list:

Sweet Pea

Cosmo Mix

Wildflower Blend

Purple Liatris

Trumpet Vine

Yellow Hibiscus

Black Hollyhock

Purple Prairie Clover

Mexican Hat

Silver Leaf Plant

Oriental Poppy Mix

Dark Purple Clematis

Money Plant

Bloody Mary

Pink Poppy

Purple Coneflower

Rose Mallow

Pink Peony Poppy

Pink Lavatera

Blue Sea Holly

Perennial Lupine

Hot Portugal Pepper

Cherry Bomb Pepper

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