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Grass Clippings under my Newspaper Mulch

12 years ago

Perhaps I should have asked this question before I completed all of my work. After struggling with pretty poor soil for the past few years, and watching my friends outgrow the crap out of me with raised beds, I decided to do a raised 32x32 garden. I finished it in march and after buying all of the lumber I filled it up with 3 loads of topsoil. I had no compost pile to mix any organic material in and after spending plenty of money, I did not want to purchase any. I limed and fertilized according to soil sample from ag extension agency and when I planted I filled the holes with bagged potting soil mixed with bagged manure (don't blast me). Now where my question comes into play... I had the bright idea to save all of my grass clippings and lay about an inch to and inch and a half down before I put down my newspaper which I topped with hay. I assumed the grass clippings would decay and give me plenty of worm food to speed up my soil improvement process (the top soil left a lot to be desired). I just finished mulching as I feel the soil is warm enough now. Was the grass a waste of time or am I on the right track?

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