designing and landscaping a walkway

13 years ago

Here is the link, I hope it works

I have pictures of this in the above link.

We added a room to our house. It has a basement with an entrance door... (the door in the picture is temporary) The idea is to finish it and tie it in with the swimming pool... Since we cannot afford to hire someone to do this we have to do it ourselves...

We need a walkway to the pool, but we need help with DESIGN and landscaping the area more than the how to build it... It has a V shape and it slopes in both sides toward the center of the walkway..

I know we need some sort of retaining wall...We would appreciate any help you can provide us... Some ideas on retaining wall stepback or slope from top to bottom., etc...

A suggestion on websites for pictures and about software where I could input the picture and try different ideas... would also be helpful...

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