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Shortage of plants?

OK, we all know this is one of or the worst springs in a long time due to rain. My garden has washed out a couple of times already. At least I'm not down south, those folks need our prayers and good thoughts!!

We're two weeks from the last frost date here, went out today to a couple of greenhouses to pick up some plants. mnimal stock available. NO pepper plants except for a few hot peppers? Minimal tomato plants??

The plants that are important to us, e.g. SanMarzano's, etc. we grow from seed and have them, but always went out and picked up peppers and whatever else looked interesting to try. I'm sure we've all seen the "six packs" of leaf lettuce and other things for lazy gardeners, none of that at all.

My wife was also very unimpressed with the selection of "flats" of annuals.

My question is, with the lousy spring we've had, did the big suppliers back off production of plants for greenhouses? In this area, the day of greenhouses actually starting seeds in february,etc. doesn't happen too much, cheaper to just buy a truckload from down south. I'm confused.


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