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Front yard landscape on fairly small lot

11 years ago

Hi everyone. Moved into a new house last fall. As of yesterday, the 50 year old yew mustache on the front of the house is GONE. So as of today I'm obsessing about how to do my landscape design. Be nice, I've never done this before.


The challenges / opportunities I'm seeing:

- the house is perfectly symmetrical. i don't want my design to knock it off balance

- everything to the right of the sidewalk is under a maple, fairly heavy shade

- sidewalk runs quite close to house, creates forced square in front of half the porch.

- angular lot line

I really have no idea where to go with the shrubs. The porch is pretty high and lattice not so attractive so some degree of evergreen would be nice.

And, for better or worse, I got too excited with a recent order from an internet nursery. The following plants are in the mail:

3 Columbine (canadensis)

2 White baneberry

2 Oak fern

1 Interrupted fern

1 Running serviceberry

1 Downy serviceberry

I don't necessarily intend on using them all in the front, but I'll have them.

I also have available for division/transplant from my rear yard:

Joe Pye Weed

Button bush


A multitude of grasses, unknown types.

European snowball viburnum

Here is an album of a full size sketch plus pictures

Does anyone have any help, criticism, or random thoughts?

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