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Brick, flagstone, concrete? Help me plan my walkway, please!

15 years ago

So I am desperately needing a walkway for the front entrance to my house. It never fails... visitors get that Scooby Doo look as they try to find the way to the door and finally realize they have to walk through the grass (or mud after a good rain).

So my dilemma is what material should I use for the walkway? We have a traditional kind of southern style house with front porch and brick steps. I would love to use brick, but have gotten estimates as high as $3K- ouch. I would do concrete with the aggregate mix, as most sidewalks are in the neighborhood, but we have an asphalt driveway, so I think this would be a total disconnect. Plain concrete (quote at $800) wouldn't really work either. Would concrete with brick pavers on either side look funny where they meet the asphalt driveway? Or should I just scratch the concrete/brick and go for flagstone? And if I do this, would the flagstone look funny where it meets the brick steps? Aaaggghhh!

I'm probably obsessing a bit much, but I hate to put it in and then realize I've spent the money on something that looks bad.

Please post pictures of your walkways- would love to see them!

Any help much appreciated!

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