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Landscaping front yard -- small & sloping toward house

13 years ago

Hello fellow gardeners! I was wondering if I could get some ideas for my front yard landscaping from you ...

It is a difficult area to landscape. First of all, the front yard is not very deep -- about 25 feet from front porch out to street. Secondly, it slopes downward towards our house -- about 3-3.5 foot drop from street level. Thirdly, we have full SW sun exposure with very little tree shading (secondary to neighborhood being clear-cut for new construction).

I have attached some photos to show the yard to you ...

There are 2 areas that I want to plant up further.

1) Next to sidewalk: There is already a Natchez crape myrtle in place. I would like to plant another tree adjacent to sidewalk so as to further screen our front porch and yard from sidewalk.

2) Behind mailbox (next to driveway): This strip of our property is somewhat narrow (10 feet max), most severely sloping and with the greatest exposure to winds cutting through, esp in wintertime. I would like to consider an evergreen as we would like to create privacy -- cars drive downhill and the road angles diagonally toward our house such that there is little privacy during the daytime and the headlights show up inside our house at nighttime.

My husband and I have been thinking about these areas for several months, but not sure about the best solutions to create privacy for us, yet not have the plantings overwhelming our house (mostly due to the downward slope).

Thanks so much for any ideas!!

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