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Growing Garlic Questions

10 years ago

I'm sure these questions have been asked - but after searching the forums, I couldn't find them. My apologies if any of you have seen these q's before and already answered them!

This year is my first time trying a vegetable garden. I have an elevated garden built, and I will be growing Spinach, Beets, sage, parsley, Chives...and garlic.

I know garlic is tricky to grow, but I'd really like to try. Here are my questions:

From everything I've read, you're supposed to start growing garlic in the fall. However we get arctic-like winters where I am (Manitoba, Canada) so I thought that may be a bad idea. Will starting my garlic in the spring be a bad decision?

I purchased some of those biodegradable pots that you can start indoors and then plant directly into the ground when ready to garden. Could I start the garlic in those and then plant them into my garden when the time comes? If so, is there anything I would need to know about doing that, other than keeping them in a sunny place and watering them?

I've also heard that growing garlic is finicky because it needs to have a certain kind of soil, drainage, and temperature. Is this accurate? I'm so new to gardening that I really am not at the level where I can be experimenting with multiple soil types and greenhouse gardening!

Essentially, I have the bulbs, the soil, and the biodegradable planting pots. Should I be starting my garlic in them now - or waiting until my garden outdoors is all ready and planting them then? Keeping in mind, that may not be for another 2 or 3 weeks...

Thanks very much!

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