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Need landscaping ideas for our terrible front yard

9 years ago

We saw and bought our new home in the winter, so we didn't see the full extent of what we had inherited. We let everything grow out this spring/summer to see what we had....and it wasn't much. There were random trees planted (or grown from fallen seeds) that we pulled out because they were too close to the house. And a lot of dead azaleas.

We have some mature hostas, which are nice and some sedum (Autumn joy), but the placement is totally random and there are a lot of bare spots from where the young trees used to be. I received 2 golden jubilee agustache's and a clump of liriope from a friend, that I just stuck in the dirt for now until I can figure something out.

It's in dry shade due to the mature maple and pine tree we have near by. We can't cut them down any time soon due to the cost.

There is a walkway on the left, which the garden is supposed to trail, but it just makes the garden seem way too long on the left hand side. We'd like to shorten the left side since our kids play in the front yard a great deal and they currently have to go around the front of the bed to get to the "grass" (that's a whole other topic).

Any idea on how to make the front garden more presentable? I would love to make use of what I have and avoid having to buy too many extra's. The up close picture is the state of the garden right now. We didn't really do anything except remove the young trees and dead shrubs.


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