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Have To Trade Veggie Seed; Need Veggie Seed For Community Garden

12 years ago

We are planning our 2011 Community Garden where we plant multiple gardens and take fresh veggies to those less fortunate, and the elderly that is unable to plant a garden. We have taken fresh food (to include eggs) to shelters, community kitchens, elderly and others in need.

I have the following veggie seeds to trade:

Sugar Baby Watermelon, 5 trades (25+ per packet)

Kabocha Squash, 7 trades (25+ per packet)

Japanese Cucumber, 6 trades (25+ per packet)

Acorn Squash, 6 trades (25+ per packet)

Mini-Red Bellpepper, 10 trades (50+ per packet)

Cayenne Red Pepper, 10 trades ((25+ per packet)

Birdhouse Gourd 5 trades (100+ per packet)

Concorde Grape seed for special trade (2 trades of approx dozen seed per packet)

What we NEED:

Beans, (snap beans, butter beans, etc)

Peas, (crowders, field, sweet, etc)

Tomatoes, (Roma, Brandywine, really most anykind)

Greens, (Turnip, Collard, Mustard, Spinach)

Lettuce (any kind)


Squash, (yellow, zucchini etc)

Cucumber (straight 8, pickeling etc)

Corn, sweet


most any other vegetables

We have started a nice 12' x 20' fenced herb garden as well and would welcome any contributions to help fill it.

Also any type of fruit, we would love to include fresh organic fruit baskets/bags when we take fresh veggie's to people.

I look forward to communicating/trading with my GardenWeb friends this gardening season.

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