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HAVE: 5for1 flowers tomatoes herbs & 1for1 heirloom veggies

10 years ago

***My most pressing wants: ***
Want heirloom veggies/grains/herbs/fruits - cukes, greens, beans especially. Pre-WWII or pre-1900, I'm really interested. Civil War period and earlier, doubly so.

Cucumber, Miniature White
Cucumber, other small pickle-able types, especially:
Cucumber, Metze White Pickling
Cucumber, North Carolina Heirloom Pickling
Cucumber, White Heron
Cucumber, Holland White
Cucumber, Landis White
Cucumber, Boothby's Blond
Big Zinnias of any kind, to round out a multiples trade.
& other wants listed...

I have to trade:
Huge list of 5 for 1 pack seeds (heirloom tomatoes, flowers, herbs, ethno-botanicals, natives) well as lots of C13 and C14 trades (heirloom veggies, 1 for 1 pack).

5 for 1 pack - sampling includes:
"Alicante" OP (10 seeds) - T?09
"Aunt Ruby's Yellow Cherry" OP (25 seeds) - T?09
"Aunt Ruby's German Green" OP (unk# ) - T?09
"Azoychka" OP (25 seeds) - T?09
"Beaute Blanche du Canada" (6 seeds) - C T?09
"Black Cherry" OPF/OP 3 dif packs received in trade - (unk-30 seeds) T10, T?10, T?10
"Black Zebra" OPF/OP, 3 dif packs received in trade (unk) - T 07, T08, T?09
"Black Krim" OPF/OP (9 seeds) - T 08
"Black Seaman" OPF (5 seeds) - T 06
"Box Car Willie" OP (Unk#) - T?09
"Carolina Gold" OP (30 seeds) - T 06
"Cerise" orange OP (10 seeds) - T?09
,,,and more tomatoes

Older seeds, but large quantities to buffer any reduced germination. I may have missed that I'm out of a couple of these. To be expected as there are easily 250 listings....
Agastache "Golden Julbilee" G10
Ageratum Hardy, tall G11
Amsonia (noid), (aka Bluestar) G11
Balloon Flower, short, blue G11
Basketflower, Armenian G11
Bellflower, American (aka Tall Bellflower, Campanulastrum americanum), native G11
Blackberry Lily, red & orange mix G11
Blue-Eyed Grass G11
Canna, buckshot red G11
Comfrey, Rough (Symphytum asperum) G11
Coreopsis, "Baby Sun Ray" (short, a mixed hybrid, markings vary) G11
Coreopsis, Lanceleaf G11
Cucumber, Little Leaf C11
Cup Plant (Silphium perfoliatum) G11
Daisy, Wild (Chrysanthemum leucanthemum) G11
Dianthus "Hello Yellow" G11
Echinacea (noid) (mix; one narrower petaled, one rosier color) G11
Foxglove, Rusty G11
Gaillardia "Burgundy" G11
,,,,and more flowers/herbs/natives

more annuals......
Four o'clocks, Mixed Pinks (lights & brights, 15 seeds) - G 08
Four o'clocks, Yellow (15 seeds) - G 08
Four o'clocks, Yellow broken (streaked w/pink, 15 seeds) - G 08
Gonphrena globosa, purple - G 10
Hyacinth Bean Vine, purple - G 10
Impatiens, Balsam, light pink - G 09
Impatiens, Balsam, dark fushia - G 09
Impatiens, Balsam, mixed pinks (multi shades) - G 10
Jewels of Opar (Talinum paniculatum) - G 08
Larkspur, lg blue tall - G 09

more perennials....
Boneset (unknown which species, not the narrow leaved type) - G 10
Camanula punctata Cherry Belles
Candy Lily, burgundy with yellow (10 seeds) - G 10
Candy Lily, yellow (10 seeds) - G 10
Candy Lily, mix (yellow, purple, purple w/yellow) (10 seeds) - G 10
Candy Lily, soft red (10 seeds) - G 10
Columbine, "Black Barlow" (quite black, frilly clementine type) - G 10
Columbine, "Black Heirloom" (very dark plum) - G 10
Columbine, "Green Apples" (light green nearly white, frilly clementine type)- G 10
Columbine, "Lemon Ice" (light yellow nearly white) - G 10
Columbine, "Woodside Golden" (white flower) - G 10
Columbine, Pink, noid (short spurs) - G 10
Columbine, Pink, very frilly, noid (short spurs) - G 10
Columbine, Lg Purple - T 10
Columbine, Red noid (short spurs) - G 10
Cup Plant - G 10

Make offers!


Here is a link that might be useful: kilngod's trade list

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