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Retaining wall fell, need advice

14 years ago

Hi everyone. Long story short, a large retaining wall in my back yard fell over and spilled into the conservation area behind my house. The reason was ruled as "faulty design", so insurance isn't covering it, and the original builder is long gone (it's 13 yrs. old).

My yard is very slowly eroding, making it's way back to the pool area. I do not have the ~$30,000 (we got estimates) to rebuild the wall.

We are the last house on our street, and we have no rear neighbors or neighbors to the left. Funny thing is, our one neighbor and the houses up the street have no wall, their yard kind of "slopes" back into the conservation area.

So I was thinking I could do something similar. I could get a couple loads of fill dirt, and maybe some large rocks, and start to fill in the area and slope it back. Then maybe put some seed down and just let it grow. How does this sound? It would be kind like you see on the interstate (not quite so high, the original was was maybe 6 or 7 feet high). So my question is will this hold. It has already kind of filled in naturally and grass/weeds have started to grow. But it looks like he*l, and it's really weak, I could go back there and jump and take out a big spot of yard. Oh and one of the contractors we got estimates from said "if you have proper fill dirt or clay this wouldn't have happened" it makes it sound like we didn't have the right fill???

I just need a quick fix to stop the erosion, and then one day "if" I have the money I could do it right. I have no experience in brick or mortar, so I think if I try to tackle a wall myself I will make things worse. Any advice would be so helpful. Thanks!

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