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Removing 3 bradford pears need ideas for alternatives. Pictures

11 years ago

We have three massive bradford pears in our backyard that abut the deck. We live in Northern Virginia hardiness zone 7a, but range 6-8 I think.The pears have grown so large now that they are starting to split at the base of the trunk. We had a storm 2 weeks ago (Irene) and the pear on the far right looking at the back of the deck split in half. We want to remove all three trees and plant new trees that will grow to provide shade for the deck since the rear of the house is in full sun all day. There are a couple small crapes that are planted between the three.

We need some ideas for what kind of trees will be suitable for what we are trying to accomplish.

Our requirements are:

1) The tree must mature relatively quickly so that once we plant the new trees they will provided ample amount of shade to the deck in roughly 4-5 years.

2) We are not looking for a tree that will produce nuts like an oak will (acorns etc) that will fall onto the deck and surrounding areas.

3) We want a deep root not a shallow root that will show.

4) No evergreens.

here are some pictures, thanks ahead of time for any response.



showing the amount of shade the pears give


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