Planter Box Plant Ideas Appreciated

10 years ago

Hi there. I posted previously in the wrong forum and thought I'd give this another shot.

I'm looking for plant suggestions for a planter box I built for the front of my house. It's highly visible and a good opportunity to add color and style.

I live in Orange County (S. CA) and have a Spanish-Mediterranean style home. Here are photos of my house w/ the black planter box below the front three windows:


- Be colorful. I like blooms of warm colors like reds, oranges, yellows.

- Have some trailing. I don't want to only see the box.

- Be consistent with my existing landscape & Spanish-Mediterranean-style home.

- Perennial or annuals are both OK options as long as I know what to switch out and when.


- I live in South Orange County. Sunset Western: 23. USDA 9B.

- ** The planter box (and front of my house) faces northwest. In the dead of winter, it gets maybe an hour of direct light before sunset. In the summer, it gets strong afternoon sun until sunset.

- Planter box dimensions: 10' wide/long, 1' deep (front to back), and 6" of soil.

- It's well draining. I've got 15-20 holes with rocks at bottom for drainage with landscape fabric separating the soil from the rocks.

- It will be left out year round.

- I've got drip irrigation and can supplement as needed.


In addition to plant selection, I've got the following questions:

Do I try and squeeze plants in two staggered rows: front (hanging) and back (height)? (Again, it's 12" front to back.)

Do you change out your plants in CA or keep perennials (i.e. ivy geraniums)

Do I just buy plants or start from seed?

Organic or synthetics? I'm organic but I've read that many use synthetic fertilizers in their pots and planters and switch out the soil every couple of years since they need to be fed monthly.

Anything else I should know about or consider?

Any advice would be appreciated...


Here is a link that might be useful: Photos of house & planter box

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