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WANTED: Wild Boar,Bumble Bee,Tiger & Indigo Series Tomatos

10 years ago

I am looking for these relatively new Tomato types that are being offered by some of the Tomato Seed Vendors this year. I have many varieties of Peppers and Tomatoes that I can offer in exchange for any of these (would be willing to trade 2-3 of my varieties for each of the varieties listed below). I just need about 3-4 seeds each. Let me know if you have any of these (would prefer to trade at least a few varieties at a time)

Looking for:

Pink Bumblebee
Purple Bumblebee
Green Tiger
Pink Tiger
Blush Tiger
Apple (Indigo)
Blue Berries (Indigo)
Blue Beauty (Indigo)

Large Barred Boar
Mint Julep
Pink Berkeley Tie Dye
Pink Boar
Pork Chop
Solar Flare
Sweet Carnernos Pink

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