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HAVE: Have Glass Gem Corn Seeds For Trade

9 years ago

Last year was a great year for my glass gem corn seeds crop.
I have ground and tasted it , It made a great corn meal and colourfull.
This is what I am going to ask for trade for glass gem corn seeds, my church has a community garden every year to help feed the poor and I want to help to off set the cost of the seeds and root crops . I have extra glass corn seeds to trade.
We need these seeds
tomatoes, broccoli, hot peppers, sweet peppers, green beans, bush beans,cabbage ,greens, kale, sweet corn ,lettuces, carrots,
root vegetables
onion sets, multipliers onions, garlic bibs or cloves, potatoes, horseradish roots.
I would trade 15 corn seed for each pack of seeds with at least 15 to 20 seeds in each and I will pay for return shipping of the corn seed.
As for the root vegetables 50 seeds for each small box.
If you have old seeds or seeds you like to donate I would be very grateful anything you send . I am asking for these seeds and roots to help my church not for myself.In return I will share my glass gem corn seeds.My church is the Zion church of Christ.
If you have no seeds to trade send me 2 stamps and I will send you 10 glass gem corn seeds. You can e-mail me at for my address.
Thank you.

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