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Wanted: Verbascum

14 years ago

Ok,I wasnt going to do this until I updated again,but all of this National Swap Day talk has got me itchy to

I have a ton of seed I am presently winter sowing,alot of them I know I will have extra of.I do have some listed on my trade page, but the rest are in my winter sowing box.So I was thinking, if you have Verbascum to trade you could post here or email me and I could go over your want list and see if I have something you want.In some cases I will be willing to do a two for one.I have the Verbascum I fell in love with online listed under my wants,but I am not just stuck on those ones,although I drool at the thought of them!:)Let me know if you want to trade!

Happy National Swap Day to all of you seed swapping addicts!:)

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