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Whimsy, for better or for worse

17 years ago


That word may be the best one to express what is commonly used in gardens as Âplayful decoration - - - a boot filled with flowers, a rusty bicycle, a toilet containing daffodils, a bed frame as a garden bed, a concrete bunny.

Still, the word annoys me. ItÂs overused, so that those are the kinds of things that come to mind when it is used. ThatÂs not a bad thing; itÂs just become a little boring -- the word AND the items.

What have you added to your garden or seen in a garden that is unusual (but fits in the garden), that you donÂt see in every third garden magazine, that is a personal expression of creativity, that is more than a knick-knack, that is subtly humorous, piquant, witty.

The topiary garden depicting SeuratÂs art could be a public example of wit in art, but how about in home gardens?


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