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lots and lots to trade, veg and flowers

12 years ago

I have lots of seeds this year due to generous friends and mass seed saving at home. I have several varieties of tomatoes, peppers, morning glory, sunflowers, acres worth of carrots, lettuces, flower mixes, sweet william, collards, and so much more. What we are really interested in are peppers that we don't have, purple carrots, purple snap beans, tomatoes that we don't have (we love heirlooms, but neighbors and others like newer varieties). I have to purchase onion sets, potato sets (as we didn't save enough seed potatoes this year), sweet potato sets (if you can get them now), japanese style eggplant seed, canna bulbs, lily bulbs, elephant ears, etc. etc.... We are pretty open to any edibles, and some flowers. See my trade page and let me know if you are interested in a trade. Please email me for best trading efficiency! Thanks, Dougnjess and kids :)

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