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Houseplants winter growth still going, what's up?

Morning all,

I take all my houseplants out once a week to water and fertilize, every 4-5th time they just get flushed with water. I re-potted everything in very early spring in my version of gritty mix for what I wanted, which is fir-turface-pumice. The plants growth has more than met my expectations this year.

So it finally started to get cold here in Southern California and I had planned on slowing down on the fertilizer. I went around this morning looking at all my plants and realized that every single plant is pushing out new leaves! What's up with that? Should I continue to fertilize with the same amount as long as they're still growing? I use by the way 1 teaspoon FP per gallon once a week on the houseplants. Maybe I should force them to slow down by cutting back on the fert? Or just count my blessings and keep going :-)



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