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Seeds that really need a new home SASE/trade

13 years ago

Okay just finished wintersowing and I have more seeds then what I can grow. So here's the deal, you will need to send a bubble envelope and three stamps. If I don't need the third stamp, then it will be returned to you. Please list your name, address and which seeds you want. Also include your GW name just in case.


Double feverfew

Hairy Toad lily

Cardinal flower

Blue wild Indigo

Ipomoea alba moonvine

Variegated Hairy Toad lily

Yellow Queen columbine

Balsam bush flowered mix -c

Morning Glory Jamie Lynn

White trumpet lily

Sea Holly

Caesalpinia Pulcherrima

Winky Rose columbine

Rose of Sharon mix

Swan River Daisy - C

White Campanula latifolia

Mexican Sunflower

Crimson Clover

Maltese Cross


Bleeding Heart

Yellow Canna

Blue Lobelia

Turtle Head (obliqua)




Seeds I am looking for are

Astrantia major - any color

Dusty Miller - Sliver Lace only

Aquilegia vulgaris 'Winky Red and White Double

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