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my first spring bulb container garden in zone 6

15 years ago

Hello all :)

I am considering ordering tulip and hyacinth bulbs to plant in a medium sized container so that I can have color in the front of my home during the spring and fall, as I mostly have annuals in my front bed. I was thinking of a large mum or pansies for the fall. I live in zone 6 and am new to container gardening.

I have read the other posts relating to this topic and feel that I likely have two good options.

1. Shelter the pot well for the winter months, as keeping the container as natuaral as possible so that it can form roots without freezing it solid seems to be most beneficial. I'm thinking of sheltering it in an area near our stairs that has a wall on 2 sides, maybe even wrapped in bubble wrap. I could even toss snow on it every once in a while for moisture, since it won't get much naturally as it would be so protected

2. Bury the pot in the yard. This would limit the type of pot I got as a fancier pot may not do well-- also could it crack due to freezing and thawing of the ground? It sounds like a good option otherwise, though.

What are your thoughts? What size container should I get? I was thinking or ordering 8 bulbs for 8" tall tulips and 20 grape hyacinth bulbs. I would like it to look full if possible.

Thank you!

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