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I've got dirt on my hands & mud in my garden

12 years ago

For once I don't have a question I desperately need an answer for lol, just curious how everyone is fairing with the significant rain that seems like most of the US has experienced?

Luckily before the rain hit I was able to get my bigger garden together and mostly planted. Hopefully the rain will stop long enough for me to get my tomato, eggplant, and pepper transplants out there. I am thankful for the overcast though, it's been helpful in hardening off the transplants.

So what does everyone have in their garden right now? So far, I've got zucchini, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin, & butternut squash, then my experiment section which should be interesting lol, I've got corn, bush green beans (which isn't really an experiment, since I've grown it a lot), potatoes, spinach & carrots growing. (The corn, spinach & carrots were all direct seeded). I may be planning to grow too much, but this is my first year in a while I'm able to garden, so these will all be lessons I'll take with me next year :)

Once the rain stops, I plan on finishing up the strawberry & asparagus beds. I've got 15 strawberry plants & 60 asparagus crowns that need a home!

Well happy gardening to you all (especially the ones who are able to garden & have been missed by the rain!)

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